The Compagnia delle poete was created in the summer of 2009 on the initiative of Mia Lecomte, Italo-French poet and specialist in Italian-language transnational literature. It is promoted by the multi-ethnic cultural association, La Tenda.
Its members are all foreign or Italian-foreign women poets writing in Italian.
There are so far about twenty poets from various continents, each with her own particular history of migration. During performances they are joined by artistis – painters, sculptors, musicans, dancers and actora – who have worked internationally in a variety of artistic contexts.
The underlying idea is to form a sort of “orchestra” that can harmonize the texts of poets influenced by their diverse linguistic and cultural traditions, to create shows in which the word is sustained and amplified by different artistic languages. The structure is “modular”, modifying and adapting the production’s basic formula for each occasion, according to which poets are on stage. Our aim is to bring poetry back to the public, restoring its original function of shared oral communication. And to give voice to transnational writing, which in the tradition of certain countries is more closely bound to orality than all other forms of writing, and which is the most interesting and innovative result of the hybridization that characterizes the authentic avant-garde in our century.

The poets who make up the company are: Prisca Agustoni, Cristina Ali Farah, Anna Belozorovitch, Livia Bazu, Laure Cambau, Adriana Langtry, Mia Lecomte, Sarah Zuhra Lukanic, Vera Lucia de Oliveira, Helene Paraskeva, Brenda Porster, Begonya Pozo, Barbara Pumhösel, Melita Richter, Francisca Paz Rojas, Candelaria Romero, Barbara Serdakowski, Jacqueline Spaccini, Eva Taylor.

The project has been presented as part of a program of creole seminars, conceived and coordinated by Prof. Armando Gnisci of the Università La Sapienza of Rome, with the support of the Cultural Policy Section of the Province of Rome, with headquarters in Palazzo Valentini, and of the Università Sapienza. It is the subject of dissertations of students of this University.

The Compagnia is often invited to take part in academic and literary seminars and conferences on the poetry of Italian-language transnational poetry, in particular women’s performing poetry, both in Italy and abroad.